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Hornet Inc.
4/09 - present

• Producing various projects. Responsibilities also included working with Executive and Senior Producers on bids, budgets, and filling in on other in-studio jobs as necessary.

Technical Director:
1/09 - 2/09

• Consulted with the Director of Operations, Director of Animation, Director of Finance, and Production Teams in setting up and streamlining 2D/3D pipelines. Consulted on internal personnel reorganization to optimize staffing and integrate into the updated workflows. Worked with technical staff on asset management standards, building the foundation to project/asset management systems, and implemented the roll out of a web based reel library and project tracking software. Responsibilities also included day-to-day problem solving, working with JWT Broadcast Producers and JWTwo Post Producers on job bids, budgets, determining specific project pipelines, establishing delivery specs, and finding appropriate artists for each project, from start to delivery.

Hornet Inc.
11/08 - 12/08

• Worked with Executive Producer and Senior Producer on Dentyne "Blog Smog" interactive animated campaign, Pepperidge Farm "Goldfish" interactive animated campaign, Lexus "Bow Farm" and Miller "Chelada" commercials. Responsibilities also included working with Executive and Senior Producers on bids, budgets, and filling in on other in-studio jobs as necessary.

Digital Kitchen
8/08 - 11/08

• Produced Hess Corporation's headquarter interactive 3D/2D digital signage piece and worked with Senior Producer on Downy "Magic Cap" english version commercial. Responsibilities also included working with Executive Producer and Head of Production on bigs, budgets, and filling in on other in-studio jobs as necessary.

Disney TV
"Disney Little Einsteins"
Emmy Nominated Outstanding Children's Animated Program - Associate Producer & Technical Director: 6/04 - 4/08

• Worked with Producer to determine: budget, schedule, staff, asset management, and technical resources.

• Created a specific pipeline for the production from tracking stock image/footage, creating a Flash storyboarding system, post/edit production workflow, design/bg workflow, creating flash drawn animation technical specs, 3D/CG pipeline, digital animation/compositing workflow & technical specs, to overall production tracking workflow and server side asset management. 

• Worked with CTO and Senior Systems Manager to create a SAN based Final Cut Pro editing system linked with 5 editing stations with one of the highest throughput at the time, creating a benchmark in how we edit with FCP on fibre network.

• Worked with Studio Manager to create a brand new digital animation studio specifically for the show, designing workspace floor plan from paint, lighting to purchasing furniture, working with information systems to design high-speed networking, to final construction and installation of equipment.

• Once the show was setup and in production, primary responsibilities included managing day-to-day operations of the production, working with directors and dept supervisors/coordinators in managing production teams, managing staffing needs/recruitment, resolving technical issues, working with various scripters to create unique production tools for the show, and general problem solving for the production.

Curious Pictures

Supervising Technical Director: 4/06 – 4/08
• As Supervising Technical Director and a producer for Curious Pictures, responsibilities include devising studio wide workflows for various projects, working with Marketing department in bidding on potential commercial jobs, working with Partners in bidding on potential long form animated series and producing animation tests on spec.

• Work with CTO, Systems, and Video departments on technical aspects of the studio, be available to consult with jobs in production for technical & management issues. Developed an in-house training program for staff and freelance artists in various applications such as the Adobe Creative Suite, digital storyboarding, Flash for traditional artists, Flash principles and concepts for producers, and maintain close relationship with software engineers such as Adobe for product demo’s and beta testing.

• Work with Studio Manager to ensure the efficient day-to-day operations of the studio.

• Projects Include:
          "Pictureka" 2D flash animated commercial
           Nintendo Wii game graphics
          “Road Rippers” 2D flash animated commercial
          “Chuck-E-Cheese” 2D flash animated commercial
          “Truth” commercial
          “Brain Spa” co-game production with Gamelab
          “Angry Little Girls” production test based on the popular book of the same name
          “Martha Speaks” production test based on the popular book of the same name
          “Crunch Gym” stop motion animated commercial and marketing billboards
          “AOL” corporate re-branding campaign
          “Mattel’s Polly Pocket – Pollyworld” direct to DVD 2D animated movie

Nickelodeon Digital Animation Studio

“Lolly and the Pipsqueak" Pilot for Nick Jr. - Technical Director/Line Producer: 1/06 – 4/06
• Worked with show’s creators to determine the production budget, schedule, staff, technical resources, and created specific pipeline for the pilot.

• Worked with animation directors to develop a method of working with Flash to make them look traditionally painted and animated in gouche.

• Created a 24 fps workflow from Flash, After Effects, to Avid, overcoming various obstacles in this type of production. Responsibilities included managing day-to-day production & staff, general & technical problem solving, and ensuring pilot was successfully delivered on-time under budget.

Millimeter Magazine: Digital Content
"Apple Xsan and ADIC StorNext" written by Rich Shurtliff and Sang-Jin Bae:

John Canemaker

“The Moon and the Son: An Imagined Conversation” (Academy Award for Best Animated Short) - Technical Consultant: 2004 - 2005
"JohnCanemaker.Com" - Site Developer/Designer: 11/99 - 12/07

Nickelodeon Digital Animation Studio

Animation Production Supervisor: 10/03 – 6/04
• Created and implemented the animation production processes for each unique project and determined the workflow, staff, technical standards and production guidelines for each department. Devised a new digital animation production method integrating the Wacom Cintiqs using Flash for a paperless production. Increased production efficiency thereby reducing weeks in the overall production cycle. Devised a digital storyboarding process using Flash, which considerably sped up the storyboarding process.

• Led the transition and major systems upgrade for internal production workstations migrated from Mac OS 9.2.2 to Mac OS X.3.3 Panther.  In addition, worked with the internal Production Technologies Group in systems upgrades to the production network, servers, and worked with the team for the massive overhaul of three Avid Meridian workstations.

• Managed day-to-day animation production for various departments, ensuring high level of communication from every person on the staff.  Trained new hires, production assistants and coordinators.

• Projects Include:
          “Big Head People” Pilot by Warrington Hudlin and Stephan Dweck for Spike TV
          “Zwoosh” Pilot by Maria Perez-Brown for Nick Jr.
          “Mighty Bug 5” Pilot by Robert Scull and Jonny Belt for Nick Jr.
          “This Just In…” Animated Series by Steve Marmel and Kevin Kay for Spike TV.

Nickelodeon Digital Animation Studio

"Gary the Rat" TNN/Spike TV series by Kelsey Grammer - Animation Production Coordinator & Technical Consultant: 8/02 – 10/03

• Created the production process and determined the digital standards from traditional drawn animation to ink and paint using Wacom Cintiqs, Flash and After Effects, set up the digital archive system and server hierarchy with the archivist, supervised the day-to-day production with a staff, and managed all interns and freelancers.  Worked with the Unit Manager and Supervising Producer to make sure the production was efficient, on schedule and under budget.

Nickelodeon Digital Animation Studio

“Shpidah!" Pilot - Technical Consultant: 10/01 – 2/02

• Created production standards for the pilot, wrote technical guidelines for the production and set up the digital archive system with the archivist.

Nickelodeon Digital Animation Studio

“Little Bill” Nick Jr. Emmy Award winning series by Bill Cosby - Digital Layout Supervisor & Technical Consultant: 3/00 – 1/02

• Started as digital layout artist completing all character lip syncs, preparing backgrounds, constructing 2D digital puppets, and animating scenes using Photoshop and After Effects. As Layout Supervisor, worked with team of 7 layout artists and 2 interns to ensure that all episodes were prepped and delivered to animation on schedule.

• Day-to-day responsibilities included: scheduling, technical problem solving, training, coordinating work flow between departments, and working one on one with layout artists.

• As Technical Consultant worked on the technical aspects of the show by beta testing After Effects, Photoshop, at the time the first release of Apple Mac OS X, configured production machines for optimal performance, and coordinated the upgrade of production standards to work with upgraded software, hardware and operating systems.

Acclaim Entertainment

          Senior Web Graphic Designer/Animator: 3/98 – 3/00
          Graphic Designer for Acclaim Comics & Publishing: 10/99 – 1/01

New York University
          Full Time Professor: 9/09 - Present
          Adjunct Professor: 9/98 – 1/08
          “Introduction to Animation Techniques”
             “Digital Animation Techniques”

Dean Kalman Lennert

          "Dear Anna Olsen" Clean-up Artist & Colorist: 10/98 – 12/99

Richard Williams and Imogen Sutton
          "New York Animation Masterclass Tribecca Film Center & Blue Sky Studios" - Production Assistant: 6/98

Fez Films
          "Ann Arbor Film Festival Trailer" - Animator/Rotoscope Artist/Camera Person: 1/98 – 3/98
          "Sony Shorts Film Festival Trailer" - Assistant: 8/97 - 10/97
          "Yours" - Animator/Camera Person: 8/97 - 10/97

Number Seventeen
          HBO “Real Sex: 19” - Assistant Animator/Key Cameraperson animated open & close sequences and promos.: 12/97 – 1/98

          “The Offbeats - Episode: Starvation” - Inbetweener: 7/97 - 8/97